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WooCommerce Recommendation Engine 3.2.8 – WeaDown

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine will permit you to set up Netflix and Amazon style item recommendations for your clients. The plugin immediately advises items to users based upon view history, purchase history and items that are often acquired together.

Demo WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Features

  • Related Products By View
    This module reveals items which clients likewise saw. Each time somebody sees an item it is taped in the recommendation engine database. This information is then processed by the module and reveals items which are typically seen together. Excellent method to offer automated associated items and to assist drive users to see items they may not have actually otherwise discovered.
  • Related Products by Purchase History
    This module reveals items that are typically acquired by the very same users. The items do not require to be acquired at the very same time. It’s exceptional for revealing items which are acquired by the very same users throughout time. It is a fantastic method to get users to acquire more items at the very same time by revealing them things that other users have returned to the site to acquire later on.
  • Products Purchased Together
    This module reveals items which are often acquired at the very same time and on the very same order. This kind of view is an outstanding method to develop and reveal a database of items which are typically required together to finish an order. Often times devices or other kind of addons will be acquired at the very same time by a user, and this engine will reveal those packages to end users. Excellent method to get consumers to acquire items they may not have actually been thinking about or had actually believed they would require.

Download WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

Note:  If you are having difficulty with Free Download WooCommerce Recommendation Engine GPL, attempt to disable AdBlock for the site or attempt another Web Browser. If disabling advertisement blocker or modification Web Browser not assist to you please call us.

Download WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

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