InMotion Hosting Review: Eco-Friendly Data Centers

InMotion Hosting is one of the most reliable hosts that experienced bloggers and webmasters trust and move to every day. They’re capable of handling all your web hosting needs, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

What earns InMotion Hosting the most reliable host title in most InMotion reviews is that they’re veterans in the web hosting industry and offer a lot of desirable hosting features. They provide the latest technology for a smooth and fast web experience, like SSD storage, PHP 7, and custom server caching. They also give you a choice of data centers, free automated backups, and 24/7 US-based in-house support.

InMotion Hosting has partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization dedicated to offset carbon footprints by planting trees. Through their partnership, they’re providing for the planting of 5,000 trees throughout the developing world. The company has also made a concentrated effort to improve its carbon footprint by opening a green data center in Los Angeles, CA.

With InMotion Hosting, your satisfaction is guaranteed or you’ll get a full refund. Their industry’s leading money-back guarantee allows you to try the hosting service, risk-free, for 90 days. All 6 months and longer-term hosting plans, except their dedicated hosting service, are backed by their unmatched 90-day money-back guarantee. All dedicated server hosting plans are eligible for a full refund for 30 days.


(5.0 / 5.0)

Here’s how InMotion Hosting stacks up against the competition:

SSD storage

The hardware used for data storage can have an impact on the performance of your website. Most hosting providers offer the old spinning Hard Disk Drive, whereas InMotion Hosting offers SSD drives for storage. Since SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, it’s been proven to improve your site’s performance.

Free automated data backups

Some hosting providers charge you to back up your data. With InMotion Hosting, you get free automated data backups. While it’s highly recommended to have a manual backup of your site, having automated backups on server level gives you peace of mind. In case something goes wrong, you can easily revert your site back to a previous state.

90-day money back guarantee

With InMotion Hosting, you can try the hosting service for 90 days risk-free.

Free domain name, SSL, and DDoS protection

When you subscribe to a new hosting plan, you can register a domain name and have an SSL certificate for free. They also provide free DDoS protection that helps you mitigate attacks to exhaust the resources available to your network and destabilize your website.

Eco-friendly data center

Most data centers consume large amounts of energy and more than half of that energy is utilized for cooling and air conditioning. To cut cooling costs and reduce carbon output by more than 2000 tons per year, they use advanced Outside Air Cooling Technology. They’ve even opened their first-ever Green Data Center in Los Angeles.
InMotion Hosting Review: Eco-Friendly Data Centers


InMotion Hosting Speed Tests and Uptime Guarantee

Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is the first thing you should do to make your site blazing fast.

To test the performance of the hosting servers for our InMotion reviews, we created a test site on top of WordPress, using the default Twenty Seventeen theme and dummy content for theme development, including images.

We used 2 different testing tools, Pingdom and Load Impact, to see whether InMotion Hosting lived up to their promises.

InMotion Hosting Review: Eco-Friendly Data Centers

According to our Pingdom’s website speed test, we found that our test site loaded in just under a second for our user in Dallas, Texas. That means the site was faster than 90% of all tested sites.

This test only analyzed how the site was being perceived by a single user in Dallas. To get the big picture of the server’s performance, we wanted to analyze how InMotion Hosting managed a traffic surge during peak hours.

For our traffic surge test, we used a popular testing tool, Load Impact, and sent some virtual users (VU) to our site. They gradually built up to 100 visitors at a time to see how the server would handle it.

In the chart below, you can find blue (VUs active) and green lines (VU load time) which represent the number of virtual visitors sent to the testing site and the time it took to load the web page for the respective number of users on the site.

InMotion Hosting Review: Eco-Friendly Data Centers

As you can see, our test site performed well until it reached 25 users. After that, it slowed down as traffic kept increasing. It is also important to note that, during our test, no downtime was recorded.

InMotion Hosting Server Response Time

From the above 2 tests, we analyzed how our site performed and recorded the uptime and response times. In those tests, we loaded all the content of our web page, including images (which can also have an impact on page load time). This makes those tests slightly inaccurate when measuring a server’s response time.

Since our goal was to test the performance of our server, not the site, we needed to conduct a more accurate test by ignoring the content of our site.

We decided to run a test using a tool called Bitcatcha, which works a bit differently than other website speed testing tools. With Bitcatcha, you can analyze server response times around the globe by ignoring the content of the site.

It averages the loading speed from eight different global locations: New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. The speed for each location is measured 3 separate times, and then the results are averaged.

With this test, we’d get a broader overview of how our server responded globally to the page requests.

For websites whose target audience is in the United States and/or the United Kingdom, InMotion Hosting is a fast and reliable host. If your target audience is located outside these regions, then you might benefit from finding a server location nearer those regions.

InMotion Hosting Customer Support

We personally reached out to their customer support so that we can have an honest opinion for our InMotion web hosting review. And we found out that InMotion Hosting provides 24/7/365 US-based technical support via phone, live chat, email/tickets, and even Skype!

After subscribing to any of their hosting plans, you’ll get access to InMotion Hosting’s dedicated support center from which you can manage all of your support tickets.

Their extensive documentation helps you learn how to get started with a hosting account and build your online presence. They also regularly upload video tutorials to their YouTube channel to help with web hosting questions.

Ease of Use

All InMotion Hosting accounts come with an easy-to-use cPanel that lets you manage your website files, databases, and emails.

You’ll find tons of different website scripts to help you easily kick start a new website with 1-click installers for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

If you need a quicker solution to kick start your website, you might give their drag and drop builder a try. BoldGrid, the drag and drop builder by InMotion Hosting, is built on top of WordPress. Unlike a traditional WordPress site, BoldGrid allows you to create your website the exact way you want. Plus, you get the stability and flexibility of WordPress.

For example, if you want to integrate an eCommerce storefront with the builder, all you have to do is to install a plugin, like WooCommerce.


InMotion Hosting Pricing and Plans

No matter which InMotion Hosting plan you’re choosing, you’ll get SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name

When you’re starting out, we recommend going with the starter plans in the respective categories. You can always upgrade your hosting account as you grow.

Business Hosting Launch Unlimited Unlimited $2.49 / mo.
Self-Managed VPS-1000 75 GB 4 TB $22.99 / mo.
Dedicated Essential 1TB 6 TB $99.99 / mo.
WordPress 1000S 50 GB Unlimited $4.99 / mo.
Reseller R-1000S 80 GB 800GB $15.39 / mo.


Having helped thousands of users choose a web hosting plan and start their websites, we’ve answered just about every question you can think of. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about InMotion Hosting:

Why should I choose InMotion Hosting to host my site?

A few advantages of hosting on InMotion Hosting over its competitors are:

  • SSD storage with every plan that’s proven to improve your site’s page speed.
  • Free automated data backups
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL and DDoS protection

Which InMotion Hosting plan should I get?

It depends on your hosting needs. InMotion Hosting offers a wide variety of hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you to choose the Launch plan of InMotion Hosting. The Launch plan allows you to host 2 websites with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails. You can quickly launch a WordPress site by using their 1-click WordPress installation wizard.

Where are InMotion Hosting’s servers located?

InMotion Hosting is a US-based company. Their data centers are located in Los Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VA.

Can InMotion Hosting handle high traffic?

InMotion Hosting is capable of handling high traffic around the clock. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right hosting plan to meet your budget and goals. If you’re found to consume more resources than you’re allowed, they’ll request you upgrade to a higher plan.

Can I upgrade my InMotion Hosting plan later?

Of course! When you’re getting started with a website, you can choose the Launch plan, which allows you to host 2 websites. As you grow, you can always upgrade to a higher plan without hassle.

Does InMotion Hosting offer a month-to-month payment option?

InMotion Hosting does not offer month-to-month payment options for their shared plans. For higher plans like dedicated servers, they do offer monthly payment options. However, it’s important to note that they offer significant discounts for longer-term deals.

Do I really get unlimited resources with InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is a bit unclear about their “unlimited” claims. Even though the plans are advertised as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, they’re not actually unlimited. It simply means unlimited usage based on the Terms of Service of your hosting provider.

If you’re running a small business website or blog, there’s nothing to be concerned about because you’ll have more than enough system resources to operate it. If you exceed usage, you’ll be asked to reduce the usage or upgrade to a higher plan.

Do I have to register my domain name with InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting allows you to register a domain name for free when subscribing to any hosting plan. The renewal cost of your domain name will be higher if you get a free domain name from InMotion Hosting. You can use Godaddy, NameCheap, or any of your preferred domain name registrars for registering a domain name.

Does InMotion Hosting offer a free website builder?

Yes! Your hosting plan comes with BoldGrid, a free drag and drop website builder.

Unlike most drag and drop builders offered by other hosting providers, BoldGrid is powered by WordPress. You get the flexibility and security of WordPress along with its drag and drop capabilities.

That way you can easily extend the website the way you want. You can even integrate an eCommerce storefront with your builder by installing an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce.

Do I need to purchase the addons that InMotion Hosting is offering me?

No, you do not need to purchase any addons at the time of purchase. Should you decide that you need them later, you can always add them to your account.

How good is InMotion Hosting’s support?

InMotion Hosting offers 24/7 support via 4 modes: Live chat, phone, ticket-based emails, and Skype. InMotion Hosting is well-known for their speedy responses. Unlike other hosting providers, they don’t make you wait more than a few seconds for the next available support agent. As a bonus, their extensive documentation helps you walk you through every aspect of web hosting.

Final Recap

After reviewing its services for our InMotion web hosting review we discovered thatInMotion Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting providers trusted by many experienced bloggers and webmasters. They offer a wide variety of hosting options, from business hosting all the way up to dedicated hosting servers. Their hosting services come with a lot of desirable features, including SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain.

They offer an unmatched 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can give their services a try, risk-free. Beginner users can start small to keep costs low and upgrade the plan as their website grows.

If you’re looking for a web host that offers robust performance, excellent customer support, and a complete feature set at an affordable price, then InMotion Hosting is for you!


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