How to Add Tooltips in Your WordPress Posts and Pages

Add tooltips to your WordPress posts and pages

Do you desire to add tooltips in your WordPress posts and pages?

Tooltips are extra pieces of details that reveal when your mouse hovers over particular words. It’s a practical method to clarify your material.

In this post, we’ll reveal you how to add WordPress tooltips in your posts and pages.

Why Display Tooltips in Your WordPress Posts and Pages?

Tooltips show helpful details in little boxes that appear when you hover over a location on your WordPress site. They’re an excellent method to add clearness to your material.

You can utilize tooltips to add meanings of challenging words, emphasize essential truths, and expose the sources of your details. Like footnotes, they can enhance user experience and assist construct trust with your visitors.

However, tooltips must never ever be utilized for necessary details. Your post needs to consist of whatever your readers require even if they don’t check out the tooltip, simply in case they don't see them. You must likewise make sure you do not overuse tooltips, or they can end up being a diversion to your website visitors.

That being stated, let's take a look at how you can add tooltips to your WordPress posts and pages.

How to Add Tooltips in Your WordPress Posts and Pages

The very first thing you require to do is set up and trigger the WordPress Tooltips plugin. To discover more, see our action by action guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once the plugin is triggered, there are numerous methods to add tooltips to your posts and pages. The initially is to instantly add tooltips to particular keywords.

Adding Tooltips to Keywords Automatically

All you have to do is browse to Tooltips » Add New to produce a brand-new tooltip. You requirement to start by including a title.

This title is a keyword, and the tooltip will be instantly be shown all over the keyword appears in your posts and pages. This can conserve you a great deal of time, considering that you don’t require to add the tooltip in numerous places throughout your website.

If you would like other words to likewise show the tooltip, then you can enter them in the synonyms area on the right of the screen. If you go into numerous synonyms, then they must be separated by the pipeline sign |.

Add a New Tooltip

Now, in the material area, add your tooltip. A tooltip may be just a few words long, or it might be numerous paragraphs of abundant material with images and other media. However, keep in mind that you are composing material for a tooltip, not a complete post, so keep it as quick as possible so it's quickly understandable on any screen.

Once you've completed, you must click the ‘Publish’ button on the right of the screen. Now tooltips will be instantly shown on your posts and pages anywhere the tooltip's title and synonyms are discovered.

Preview of Tooltip Automatically Added to a Keyword

Adding Tooltips Using Shortcode

Another method to add tooltips is to add a shortcode to the material of your posts and pages. This technique appropriates for much shorter tooltips, or when you desire to show the tooltip simply when rather of on every matching keyword on your website.

If you’re brand-new to shortcodes, then you can discover more in our novice’s guide on how to add a shortcode in WordPress.

To add your tooltip shortcode, initially you require to produce or modify the post or page where you want to add the tooltip. Then you must add this shortcode where you want the tooltip to be shown:

[tooltips keyword="YOURKEYWORD" material="YOURTOOLTIPCONTENT"]

Simply change YOURKEYWORD with the word or expression you desire to add the tooltip to, and change YOURTOOLTIPCONTENT with the text you desire to add to the tooltip. Be sure to leave the quotes in the shortcode so that it works appropriately.

Adding a Tooltip Using Shortcode

You can sneak peek the page to see the tooltip in action.

This is how it appears on our demonstration site.

Preview Tooltip Added Using Shortcode

Building a Glossary From Your Tooltips

Each tooltip is a description of a keyword, comparable to what you would discover in a dictionary or glossary. As you go on including tooltips, it is as if you are developing a fundamental glossary.

This is why the WordPress Tooltips plugin permits you to show a glossary of tooltips on your website. Simply add the [glossary] shortcode to the post or page where you desire the glossary to appear.

Adding the Glossary Shortcode

After you have actually released the post or page, you can visit your website to see the glossary.

This is how it appears on our demonstration site. It consists of the tooltips we included to the plugin’s tooltips list, however not the tooltips we produced utilizing shortcode.

Preview of Tooltip Glossary

If you desire to tailor the glossary, then you can do so from the Tooltips » Glossary Settings menu in your WordPress control panel. Here you will discover a variety of choices you can fine-tune on how the glossary will be shown and what will be consisted of.

Tooltip Glossary Settings

For example, you can select whether to show images in the glossary, and you can note the ID of any tooltips you don't desire to include.

We hope this tutorial assisted you discover how to add tooltips to your WordPress posts and pages. You might likewise desire to see our guide on how to create an email newsletter, or our professional comparison of the best free website hosting.

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