How to Add PDF Indexing and Searching in WordPress

How to Add  PDF Indexing and Searching in WordPress

Do you desire to make the PDFs on your WordPress website searchable?

WordPress permits you to upload PDF files to your media library, however doesn’t include their contents in search results.

In this short article, we’ll reveal you how to add PDF indexing and searching in WordPress.

Why Add PDFs to Your WordPress Search Results?

PDFs are a terrific method to use your visitors ebooks, user handbooks, brochures, and more. You can discover more in our guides on how to upload PDF files to your WordPress site, and how to add a PDF viewer in WordPress.

However, WordPress site search is rather minimal and will just search the contents of the WordPress database.

This suggests that if your visitors utilize the search bar on your website, just the title and description of your PDFs and other files will be consisted of in the search results, not their contents.

As an outcome, your visitors might be losing out on important info.

The great news is that you can utilize a custom search plugin to enhance the default WordPress search experience. If your PDFs are unencrypted, then the right search plugin will index the contents and metadata of your PDFs and add them to your search results.

With that being stated, let’s have a look at how to add PDF indexing and searching in WordPress.

Adding PDFs to Your WordPress Search Results

The very first thing you require to do is set up the SearchWP plugin. For more information, see our action by action guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

SearchWP is among the very best premium search plugins for WordPress. It’s simple to usage and lets you search the contents of PDFs and other files in your WordPress media library.

Upon activation, you will require to check out the Settings » SearchWP page and then click on the ‘License’ menu tab.

Enter Your SearchWP License Key

Here you require to enter your license secret in the ‘License’ box. You can discover this info in your account on the SearchWP site. Once you’re done, make sure to click the ‘Activate’ button.

The next action is to add the contents of your PDF files to the WordPress search results. To do that, you require to click on the SearchWP ‘Engines’ menu tab. This brings you to a screen where you can identify what is consisted of in your WordPress search results.

SearchWP Engines Let You Customize WordPress Search

You’ll discover that by default, posts, pages and media files will be consisted of in the search results.

If the ‘Media’ area is missing out on, then you will require to add it by clicking the ‘Sources & Settings’ button then clicking the ‘Media’ checkbox.

Make Sure the Media Box Is Checked

Don’t forget to click the ‘Done’ button to save the brand-new settings.

You can change your search engine settings by clicking the ‘Posts’, ‘Pages’, ‘Media’, or other offered drop downs. To make sure that PDFs are consisted of in the search results, you will require to set up the Media settings by clicking the ‘Add/Remove Attributes’ button in that area.

Click Add/Remove Attributes in the Media Section

Make sure that the ‘Document Content’ box is examined.

This suggests that the contents of your PDFs, Microsoft Office files, text files, and other files in your WordPress media library will be indexed and consisted of in search results.

Check the Document Content and PDF Metadata Boxes

You ought to likewise inspect the ‘PDF Metadata’ box. This will index PDF metadata that isn’t part of the file’s contents. Depending on the PDF file, this might include the file title, author, topic, keywords, and more.

Make sure you click the ‘Done’ button when both of these boxes are examined.

Next, you require to choose just how much weight to provide to PDF material and metadata in the search results. In other words, how high do you desire PDFs to appear in your site’s search results?

By default, the sliders for Document Contents and PDF Metadata are all the method to the left, so they will not be offered much weight. If you desire them to appear greater in the search results, then you can move the slider to the middle or ideal positions.

Decide How Much Weight to Give Document Contents and PDF Metadata

Finally, you require to click the ‘Save Engines’ button on top right of the screen to conserve your brand-new search settings.

If you’re then revealed the message ‘The index needs to be rebuilt’, then you ought to click the ‘Rebuild Index’ button so that the PDF material and metadata are included to the search index.

Rebuild the Index if Prompted

Congratulations! Your WordPress website can now index and search PDF files.

Next, you might like to make it possible for some innovative settings that will make it simpler for your users to discover what they are searching for.

To do that, you ought to browse to Settings » SearchWP and click on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

SearchWP Advanced Settings

You can now trigger any of these choices that you would like:

  • Partial matches will likewise show outcomes that don’t rather match the term that is being looked for.
  • Automatic ‘Did you mean?’ corrections will recommend a somewhat various search term that will match some posts on your website.
  • Support ‘quoted/phrase searches’ will enable your users to utilize quotes when looking for specific stages.
  • Highlight terms in outcomes will make it simpler to discover what they are searching for in the search results.

Now when your website visitors search for a word or expression, all appropriate PDF files will be consisted of in the search results.

PDF Search Preview

We hope this tutorial assisted you discover how to add PDF indexing and searching in WordPress. You might likewise desire to discover how to create a WordPress membership site, or take a look at list of must have plugins to grow your site.

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